2014: A Bad Year (Part Two) Now Available on Amazon Kindle Store

TitleGorgonhead Publishing are pleased to announce that the second instalment of one of the best selling graphic novels for the Kindle has gone on sale on the Amazon website. “2014: A Bad Year (Part Two)” is part of a three part political thriller designed for mature readers. It contains outstanding artwork, an engrossing plot and realistic dialogue.   On a device with a colour screen (such as the iPad or other tablet and most types of smartphone) it will be displayed in full colour.

Some customer reviews for Part One:

“It is excellent and engaging. I will certainly buy the next instalment and look for future similar storylines.”

“The novel is cleverly put together and leaves the reader eager for the next instalment.”

“I’m intrigued to find out what’s in stall in books two and three. My only criticism is that I’d like to read books two and three now. Highly recommend nevertheless.”

“Found I had to finish the whole part in one go and look forward to the second part to see how the plot develops.”

For more details please click here.

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