“Okkupation” Published, available at most eBook Stores

Cover 1 plus logoCalifornia 1943. Sam Mallory, a tough Los Angeles Private Eye, takes on what starts out as a routine missing person case. He is quickly caught up in events that move beyond his control, as contending forces battle for the future of an America defeated by the Nazis and ruled by a corrupt and despotic government. It is a land where nothing and no-one is quite what they seem and where everyone has a hidden agenda. His journey takes him into the seedier parts of the City, through a Hollywood struggling to survive under a fascist regime and out into the barren desert, where he turns from being the hunter to the hunted. He will need every ounce of brute force and cunning to survive and to turn the tables on his enemies, who include the feared Department of Homeland Security and their allies in the SS. If Sam can just lay off the booze for long enough, he might have a chance… For more information and where to buy, click here.


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