As well as publishing ground breaking graphic novels, we also sell a range of anthologies of classic literature which cover a number of genres.

Before Sherlock: Four great Detective Stories.

Detective fiction did not begin with Sherlock Holmes. If you have enjoyed the adventures of fictions greatest detective, you will enjoy these four works which represent the beginnings of this genre in France, Britain, Germany and the United States.

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Great Ghost Stories Volume One

Nine of the best ghost stories ever written. The dead return for their own murky reasons – vengeance, lust or even a desire to try to warn the living of future calamity. Whatever the motives, it never seems to turn out well for those concerned.

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H. P. Lovecraft Recommends: Great Tales of Supernatural Horror

The great master of twentieth century horror listed his favourite works of supernatural horror in a seminal essay. This anthology has gathered together some of his recommendations into one volume.

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