H. P. Lovecraft Recommends: Great Tales of Supernatural Horror

These twelve stories are recommended by the famous horror writer H.P.Lovecraft as being among the best ever written. Together, they represent one of the finest anthologies of supernatural tales ever published.

There are stories by major writers such as Guy De Maupassant, M.R.James, Bram Stoker, Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ambrose Bierce.

Subjects include:

  • the attack on mankind by invisible beings with hypnotic powers
  • the ghost of a possessive mother transformed by death into a soulless monster
  • a resurrected Swedish nobleman with his awful familiar in pursuit of an over curious traveller
  • a reanimated mummy used as a tool for revenge,
  • a doomed voyage to the south pole,
  • an undying church warden with the face of a grave worm,
  • a house in London haunted by a terrible curse,
  • a woman being slowly driven mad by the pattern on her wall paper.

Also included are H.P.Lovecraft’s own story, THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK and his essay SUPERNATURAL HORROR IN LITERATURE showing the master at his best.

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